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Unifab’s milestone Celebration

July 28, 2014

Unifab is Celebrating 15 years of service.   Thanks to all...

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Four Years – No Lost Time

October 1, 2012

Unifab recently passed 4 years (almost 200,000 man hours) with...

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Quality QMS

Unifab is committed to providing our customers with a superior quality product completed to their specifications.

Unifab is a Canadian Welding Bureau 47.1 Division 2 certified, welding and fabrication facility, complete with machine shop.  Unifab has a full-time Quality Assurance Supervisor who is dedicated to ensuring the utmost quality in all of our products and employees.

Unifab has developed quality assurance procedures to maintain the highest quality.  This is achieved using project review meetings, material certifications, fabrication ITP’s, welding ITP’s, and comprehensive coating inspection forms and procedures.  Unifab also emphasizes the importance of communication between our project managers and our customers.

A copy of Unifab’s Quality Assurance Manual will be provided upon request.