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Unifab’s milestone Celebration

July 28, 2014

Unifab is Celebrating 15 years of service.   Thanks to all...

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Four Years – No Lost Time

October 1, 2012

Unifab recently passed 4 years (almost 200,000 man hours) with...

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PCS Potash Allan Division - Underground Load-out Capacity Upgrade

PCS Potash Allan Division – Underground 96″ Belts

Job # 1303 – 1379                                  Weight  158,700 lbs

Unifab was awarded a project to design, fabricate, and deliver two (2) 96” wide belt conveyors for a major load-out expansion at the PCS Allan site  in Saskatchewan.

96 inch belt conveyorCombined, their carrying length was 315’.  These were the first two 96” wide belt conveyors in North America.  Working closely with PCS and their EPCM partner, Stantec, Unifab developed the design for two conveyors: one for advancing and weighing product, and one for advancing the product to the process equipment that loads the skip.  Each was supported from the tunnel excavation and integrated within existing equipment.  Unifab was proud to be associated with a long term project where we were part of a team developing something new within the industry.  PCS Allan now has the largest and most capable product weighing and load-out process, in the Canadian Potash Industry.